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  • Sku: HG-B02
  • Vendor: Cowboy World

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (HG-B02)

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Product description

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Model No: HG- B02

Product Features:
  • Super Large LCD Screen and large characters, Easy to read.
  • Measurement by one button. Easy Operation.
  • Memory Function: 2 * 99 groups of records.
  • Measurement Method: Oscillographic Determination.
  • Measurement Range: Pressure Value 0-280 mmHg/ 0-37.3 kPa
  • Pulse : 40- 160 times/ min.
  • Compression Mode: Intelligent Compression.
  • Range of Cloth cover Arm Band: 22-36 cm (9-14 inches)
  • Weight: About 200g (not including batteries)
  1. Bind the armband.
  2. Press the Measure Button.
  3. Automatic Measurement.
  4. Data Display.
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Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (HG-B02)

$17.00 USD