Auto Basics Drill Brush Cleaning Set(7 Piece Set) (S-ABDBS-AST)

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Product Description:

  • This item includes 7 Piece all kinds of tools for your cleaning.  *2-inch round bush --*3.5-inch cone brush -- *4-inch round bush -- * 4-inch red scrub pads -- * 4-inch green scrub pads -- 1 velcro attachment * 1 extender (Drill NOT Included). This 360 kit original drill brushes for cleaning different sizes with medium stiffness fit sundry purposes.
  • A 6" quick change extension bit helps you clean harder-to-reach areas and keeps your drill clean. 6 Inch extender you can use together with a brush or you can use only with a brush, according to the situation.
  • Ultra Stiff Black brush Use outside for restoration of brick and mortar by removing rust, hard water, or mineral stains. These brushes can also be used for industrial applications such as heavy-duty stripping of loose paint and other harsh scrubbing applications. Erase stubborn painted graffiti from stone walls or metal surfaces.
  • All scrub pads are backed with a layer of fleece fabric, so they can be firmly attached to the velcro attachment, and will NOT become loose when in use (unlike most of the other similar products in the market that the scrub pad always comes loose from the velcro).
  • Cordless Drill NOT included.

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