YD. JIA - RC Toy Car (D887) - S-Racer-III (Remote Control)

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* With a 500mah Lipo rechargeable battery, 20 minutes long playing time for you to enjoy a wonderful racing experience. Also, a 2.4GHz System with -jamming capability allows to race at the same time on the same track. Playing on the same field does not interfere with each other. The control distance is up to 40 meters.

* Equipped with 4 independent wheel shock absorbers, which can reduce the wheel vibration caused by a bumpy road, reduce the damage to the car, and keep a smooth ride, and drive at will on all kinds of terrains.

* Adjustable Speed with high and low gear, cooperate with satisfied your riding needs according to different surroundings.

* Made of Hollow cross-country tire, fine quality huge rubber brings the best -skid performance, concave-convex texture of the tire increases the ground grip.

* The whole chassis is made of PVC and nylon has many properties such as abrasive resistance, resistance to chemicals, elasticity, insurability, etc. All these properties give the truck car better able to reduce the impact caused-by collisions that help to prolong its life cycle. Perfect for Christmas gift, birthday present or rewards and so on.

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