Electric Bike - GW20 (Super Wheel)

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Product Description:

  • Model Number: GW20
  • Most suitable means of transportation.
  • Vacuum Tire/ Endurance/ Gradeability.
  • Super Performance.
  • Voltage Protection.
  • Current Protection.
  • Charge Protection.
  • 20 inches * 4.0 inches Fat tires, suitable for all kinds of surfaces.
  • The GW20-20A Li-ion battery electric bicycle can travel 30 - 45 miles for the electric model (depending on the road and rider’s weight) on one charge, and 45-65 miles for pedal-assisted models.
  • 750W Brushless Motor has high performance, low noise, and low consumption. It allows you to enjoy smoother and more efficient travel during riding.

  • The removable 48V20AH lithium battery has BMS protection, pre-discharge, equalization, and overcharge protection. And, the rider can charge the battery directly or take it off and charge it and then put it back on the bike.

  • Five-speed shift and disc brakes allow you to enjoy the fun of riding.
  • Mobile phone USB holder, convenient, fast, safe, and detachable.
  • Turn indicator Head & Tail Light.
  • Shock Absorber.
  • Other functions: Horn, High & Low Beam Lights.

    Product Specifications:

    • Maximum Speed: 28 miles/ hr. (45km/ hr.)
    • Maximum Range: Power-assisted models up to 30 miles - 45 miles.
    • Motor Wattage:  750W maximum output
    • Motor Type:  Brushless gear hub motor
    • Gears: 5 Gears
    • Brake Type:  Mechanical disc brakes.
    • Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy.
    • Suspension: Spring shock absorber
    • Maximum Load Weight: 265 Lbs. (120 Kg.)
    • Battery: 48V 20AH Removable Lithium Battery.
    • Adapter Voltage: 100-240V 2A
    • Mileage of Pure Electric: 30-45 miles.
    • MIleage of Assistance: 45-65 miles.
    • Tire: 20 inches * 4.0 inches (Off-Road Tire)

    Additional Information:

    • Color: Black
    • Product Dimensions: 68 inches * 50 inches * 40 inches (Approx.)
    • Product Weight: 60 lbs. (27 Kg.)
    • Package Weight: 80 lbs. (36 Kg.)

    Package Contents:

    • GW20 Electric Bike, Adapter, Tool Kit, and Manual.

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