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  • Sku: ISW10-BLA
  • Vendor: Cowboy World

ICON Q Prodigy Smart Watch

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Product description

Product Description:

  • The ICON Q Prodigy Smart Watch provides a high-powered computer on your wrist. Take Phone calls, send text messages, and use social media on this watch.
  • Features useful everyday applications such as an alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, Facebook and Whatsapp, and more.
  • Compatible with a sim card or Bluetooth to take phone calls.
  • Utilizes a soft and durable wristband for long lasting comfort.
  • Wireless Support: Connect to your phone wirelessly and take phone calls.
  • Sim Card Compatible: Utilizes a sim card to access a new phone number with the watch.
  • Memory Card Compatible: Utilizes a memory card for extra storage.

 What's included in the box

1 ICON Q Prodigy Smartwatch, 1 Charging Cable, and 1 Manual Outlet.

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ICON Q Prodigy Smart Watch