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  • Sku: KWE-TM02-US
  • Vendor: Cowboy World

Intelligent Timer Socket (KWE-TM02-US)

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Product description

Digital Timer Socket

Product Description:

  • This device is a plug-in timer switch designed to control the electric power to household appliances to save energy.
  • It has a built-in battery to operate the clock and help you set the timer.
  • Before the operation, please plug the unit into an outlet to recharge for about 5-10 minutes if the device is out of charge and shows nothing on display.
  • 12/24 Hour System.
  • Standard Time and DST
  • Built-in Backup battery.
  • Up to 10 times On/Off Setting
  • Support 24 Hours/ 7 Days setting
  • Complete Silent without noise.
  • It can be used for Water dispensers, Water Heater, Mobile Phones, and Fish tanks.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Digital Timer Socket
  • Model No. KWE-TM02-US
  • Installation: Plug-in Type
  • Voltage: 120V -/ 60 Hz.
  • Rating: 120V - AC/ 15A/ 1800W
  • Operating Temperatures: -10 to 40-degree celsius
  • Battery: NIMH1.2V>100 hrs.

What's included in the package:

  • Digital Timer Socket with Its Instruction Manual
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Intelligent Timer Socket (KWE-TM02-US)

$10.00 USD