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Scosche - Magic Mount Fresche Magnetic Phone Vent Mount (MMVFR)

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Product description

Product Description:
  • Car Vent Air Freshener: Airflow from your vent distributes air freshener scent throughout your car from the included NEW CAR Fresche scent cartridge for up to 30 days; the Cartridge fits into the Free flow mount base.
  • Secure and Portable Mount: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to any vent type - horizontal, vertical, angled, and circular; Great for moving from car to car, travel,ing or rental cars
  • Magnetic Mount: Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are 100% mobile device safe
  • Optimal Viewing AngleIEWING ANGLE: Unique, open design allows air to freely flow from your vehicle vent; Rotate the 4-Axis, 360-Degree adjustable head for an optimal view from almost any angle

Product Features: 

  • Keep it Fresche: The MagicMount Fresche Vent Mount indkudes a New Car smell cartridge, that can be replaced with any scent of your choice. Several different Fresche fragrances are availanlw separately.
  • Secure Mount: The Vent mount clips allow you to attach your portable device to the climate vent that puts the deviceto the climate vent that puts the device in a great location for safety and easy warning.
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets are 100%- device safe.
  • Vent Mount is quick and easy to install, remove and transfer from vehicle to vehicle.
  • 360-degree Adjustable head lets you view your device in portrait, landscape or any position in between.
  • Replaceable air freshener cartridge releases fragrance for up to 30 days.

What's included in the package: 1 Mount, 2 Magic Plates, 1 Protective Film, 1 Vent Clip, 1 Replaceable NEW CAR Scent Cartridge and 1 User Manual

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Scosche - Magic Mount Fresche Magnetic Phone Vent Mount (MMVFR)

$7.00 USD