Tech Theory - Easy Mount Universal Car Vent Suction Mount (TT-SCTM-01)

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Easy Mount Universal Car Vent Suction Mount

Product Description:

  • Quickly and easily secure your phone to the easy mount with just one easy step.
  • Once the mount is connected to your car vent simply push your device onto the mount.
  • The strong suction technology instantly adheres to the back of your device keeping it safe and  secure with no complicated installation required.
  • Simply push your device again to remove it from the mount when you are ready to disassemble.
  • The mount will hold all phones and fir on most surfaces no matter what size device you have allowing for a fast and secure experience every time.

Product Features:

  • Model No: TT-SCTM-01
  • Brand: Tech Theory
  • Color: Black
  • Quick & Easy Suction Installation.
  • Rotates 360 degree.
  • Fits all screen sizes.
  • No magnet required.

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